About Us







Atlanta Props™ is a family business. Started in the 1980’s by Scott and Susan Feldman, this custom prop shop serves the advertising, film, video, photography and event industry. Custom film props and sets, custom props for advertising pitches, prototypes, event booths and event props are our specialty. With a background in fine art and photography, becoming a prop maker was a natural choice. We have years of experience as specialty prop builders. Our son Weston has joined us in the prop studio, bringing a young, energetic and creative talent to our prop making business. We welcome the challenge of every unique, one of a kind project. We are innovative, problem solving and we love what we do.

Atlanta Props™ is not a rental facility. We custom build each unique prop or set and rarely build the same thing twice. Our specialty is designing and building one-of-a-kind objects. Each project is custom made to suit your needs.

We thoroughly examine the properties, limitations, application and durability of a variety of materials to evaluate what will work best for your project. Being a prop builder requires an in depth knowledge of a variety of materials. Each project has unique needs. We work in wood, plexiglass, fabric, vinyl, foam, sheet goods and metals, just to name a few.